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Nick Smith

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Nick Smith is a contemporary British Artist with a unique visual language.

Smith Graduated from Coventry University with a First Class Masters Degree in Product Design, facilitating his successful career in commercial interior design for 10 years, where his medium of custom colour swatches evolved. Seeking further creative fulfilment, Smith dedicated himself full time to his art.  With 3 sellout solo shows, 11 group shows and 20 published print editions, Smith occupies a unique space in the contemporary art world.

Smith’s work marries digital design with fine art, exploring the relationship between audience, image and text. After deconstructing an image, Smith undertakes extensive research to annotate each colour swatch with a word. Evolving from word/colour association, Smith often includes a linear narrative to subvert or support the context of each image, creating an additional layer of information in his work. It is this contextual interplay that engages the viewer with Smith’s thought provoking work, encouraging further contemplation.

    Artwork Currently Available

  • Starry Night

    Limited edition giclee print £750.00
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